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What happens during a naturopathy consult

Prior to your initial appointment, you will fill out a detailed health questionnaire that can reveal certain imbalances in your body. Conditions like chronic back pain, frequent sinus congestion, sugar cravings, mood swings or poor quality sleep may not seem significant, but to a naturopath this information is valuable.

By understanding how all of your systems function, I can better tailor the naturopathic cure to your individual needs.

The initial appointment lasts approximately an hour and a half and includes the following steps :

- I firstly carry out a vitality assessment during which I gather medical and lifestyle history. I take into account everything that makes up your daily routine. 

- Secondly, I provide you with a bio-individual program in accordance with your temperament and physiology, all the while taking account any constraints you may have, be they personal, professional or financial.

My objective is to help you achieve peak health, energy and performance through natural means. I wish for you to ultimately become autonomous and responsible of your own health by gradually developing long lasting healthy lifestyle habits.  

The naturopath does not heal - it is the client's own vital energy that restores homeostasis. The naturopath, whose duty it is to respect the following hippocratic principles, recommends a tailored cure in order to boost vital energy, also known as Qi in Traditional Chinese Medicine or Prâna in Ayurveda : 

1. Primum non nocere (first, do not harm)

2. Vis medicatrix naturae (nature's healing power)

3. Tolle causam (uncovering the root cause)

4. Deinde purgare (detoxifying the organism)

5. Docere (to teach)