I've been passionate about the human body since childhood. My studies led me to focus on human rights and in hindsight, the common thread of my work was to prompt understanding amongst people of different backgrounds with a common future. In the same vein, naturopathy aims to help the body maintain homeostasis (equilibrium) despite environmental changes. Thus I reached out to it when my own health was off-balance because of an unphysiological, mainly Western lifestyle. Thanks to naturopathy, I bounced back to health, balanced my hormones and got pregnant naturally. Today, I practice it with my family, having realised that our health is our biggest wealth. I wish to share my knowledge, as I'm convinced that reaching peak energy and avoiding lifestyle related illnesses is within everyone's reach. In a nutshell, naturopathy plays an essential part in epigenetics, that is, the modification of our gene expressions due to our environment and behaviours