Consultations fees

I carry out consultations in my practice in Paris 16th or via telephone, Skype, or Zoom. 
Some extra health insurances cover part of naturopathic consultations fees. I invite you to contact

yours for more information.

  • First consultation

    During the first consultation, I carry out a vitality assessment which includes en iridology exam, after which I suggest a tailor-made lifestyle program according to naturopathic principles.


    This includes dietary adjustments, practical advice and exercises to integrate into your daily routine , with the aim of optimising your long-term health and well-being.


    Consultation fee : 90 €

    Duration : 1h30


    An online follow-up for up to a month is included.

  • Follow-up consultation

    The follow-up consultation

    allows me to appreciate your compliance to your new lifestyle program and to assess how beneficial it is.


    It is also the opportunity to address or deepen certain aspects that may not have been mentioned during the first consultation due to lack of time and to make some 

    adjustments if necessary.

    The aim in the long run is to achieve the initial objectives.


    Several consultations may be necessary if the lifestyle changes involve weight loss, pregnancy or weaning off certain unhealthy addictions.

    Price : 60 €

    Duration : 1 hour

  • Child consultation

    Good habits start at a young age. It is important for  children to understand that they are responsible for their own health and that small daily habits can make a significant difference in the way they feel as they reach different milestones growing up.


    It is also an opportunity to determine the best way to support children's abundant vitality and provide them with adequate emotional support with the help of natural techniques offered by naturopathy.

    Price : 80 €

    Duration : 1 ∼ 1 ½ hours

    Online follow-up for up to a month

  • Consultation enfant

    Les bonnes habitudes s'apprennent dès l'enfance.

    La consultation chez le naturopathe a toute son importance dès le plus jeune âge, afin d'aider l'enfant à s'épanouir et être acteur

    de sa santé.


    C'est par ailleurs l'occasion de trouver la meilleure façon de soutenir la vitalité de votre enfant et de lui apporter un soutien émotionnel à chaque étape importante de sa croissance, le tout à l'aide des techniques naturelles qu'offre la naturopathie.  

    Tarif : 80 €

    Durée : 1h ∼ 1h30 

    Suivi pendant un mois après la consultation par internet 

Pregnancy consultation

A child's health begins long before conception.

Indeed, the period preceding the pregnancy is the ideal opportunity for the couple to review their lifestyle in order to offer their offspring all the nutrients necessary for their development and minimise their exposure to environmental toxins. 


With the help of natural remedies, the naturopath helps her client feel her at her best so as to fully enjoy her pregnancy month after month.

Price: 90 €

Duration: 1h30

An online follow-up for up to a month is included.

A monthly visit is highly recommended (for follow-up consultation fees, please contact me by telephone or email).

Fitness consultation

Although physical exercise is a fundamental element of health, beyond a certain level, athletes may experience certain disorders such as intestinal hyperpermeability, inflammation and oxidation.

The body compensates by adapting to what it interprets as a situation of physical stress.


The consultation with the naturopath is an opportunity to check the body's acid-base equilibrium, ensure that all nutritional and micro-nutritional needs are met.

Price: 90 €

Duration: 1h30

An online follow-up for up to a month is included.

Online consultations

I offer online consultations by phone, Skype or Zoom.


The services are the same as classic office consultations , with the exception of the iridological assessment which can only take place in person.  

Online consultation fees vary based on the duration 

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